The World's First TV Channel Dedicated to Entrepreneurs

The World’s First Bank for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the trend of 21st century so as media representative of entrepreneurs,we started to work on a unique banking model for entrepreneurs which is creating a dedicated “The World’s First Bank for Entrepreneurs“.

Muhittin d’Isler – Founder of GBP TV and who developed bank of entrepreneurs idea said that “I cannot explain all of our model in this stage but I can say that this bank is unique because it is not going to provide loans to entrepreneurs, it is going to provide credits & credibility.”

He also stated that they started to take an action. The first action was informing President of European Commission Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker about the idea and requesting a meeting.

He said we received a letter from him and we will see after the meeting. However, we will be doing our best to make it come true for entrepreneurs, Mr. d’Isler said.

Currently, there are various banks focusing on entrepreneurs, however, as it is known, traditional banking does not allow any banks to support entrepreneurs in the way they expect. After the financial crisis in the USA and Europe, regulators increased their pressure on banks, thus, banks do not have any place to move.

We do not know more about the bank of entrepreneurs and how it is going to overcome regulations but in case the bank is created, it is sure that it is going to be a radical solution to traditional banking approach to empower SMEs and entrepreneurs.