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Q&A with Muhittin Isler of GBP TV

With today’s bevy of startups and new ventures, entrepreneurship is a global buzzword. For Muhittin Isler, founder of GBP TV, helping those with a vision is a passion. At the head of the first TV channel dedicated to entrepreneurs and serving as a journalist himself, Isler works to highlight and support entrepreneurs and visionaries across the globe. Established in 2012 and based in Istanbul, GBP TV provides entrepreneurs with practical information, financing and advertising opportunities to help them add value to their businesses. Working between Turkey, the UK and France, he took time to talk about the outlet’s history and mission.

Q: How does GBP TV differ from other TV media around the world?
A: We’re developing special TV programs focusing solely on entrepreneurship. According to recent statistics, there are 400 million entrepreneurs throughout the globe, more than a quarter of who are women. We aim to be the first preference among these entrepreneurs when it comes to highlighting their endeavors and gaining exposure.

Q: What led you to start the channel?
A: I studied business administration and took entrepreneurship courses, and in my research I noticed a gap in media representation of entrepreneurs. My motto is “incorporate education into experience,” so I worked as an intern at Doğuş Media Group to learn about television production. I was also an operations intern at Doğan Online, where I gained experience in digital advertisement.

Q: Who stands out among the entrepreneurs you’ve profiled?
A: My favorite interviews are the ones we conducted with two Turkish entrepreneurs. We spoke with Aytaç Durmaz of DDRLine Teknoloji, which produces x-ray machines and medical devices in Turkey, and Kerem Koç of Revolvia Marketing Partners, a digital engagement company. Both of these leaders exemplify the type of ambition we look forward to highlighting. We always look for entrepreneurs who engage in innovation and who do something to change the world.

Q: Have you seen popular industries for start-ups and ventures in certain countries?
A: I think it depends on the culture in certain countries and people’s attitudes. For example, Turkish people prefer discount products and services, so if you offer them inexpensive products with high quality, you can’t be unsuccessful. So we see many start-ups and ventures in the e-commerce industry emerging in Turkey. In France the best start-ups tend to be in clothing, footwear and beauty industries. Start-ups within the food industry are in demand in Switzerland.

Q: Who is involved in GBP TV’s production?
A: We have a growing team, with very skilled staff who have media and production backgrounds in various fields. We recently hired reporters from the U.S., the UK and China to share editorial duties, and we have started outsourcing our production side.

Q: How does the channel utilize social media?
A: We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We always follow trends and analyze every business development. Lately Youtube has become a preference to publish our videos, but we still use Facebook to reach a wider audience.

Q: What tips do you have for PR professionals who want to connect with you?
A: GBP TV welcomes entrepreneurship-targeted pitches and press materials. We do not limit our coverage to just business and economics topics, as we also cover ventures within technology and other industries. It’s best for initial contact to be made via email at

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